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Public Relations

When you know why you are in business and what you do, it's time to share it with the world.

Glasswing Public Affairs can help shape that message for the public about your products, services, and policies.

COVID-19 has shown that no organization is immune to the public spotlight when it comes to how it operates, what its working culture is, and what it contributes to society at large. Consumers are more savvy than ever when choosing how and where to spend their money and time.

A smart communication strategy can keep your organization--




--ahead of the pack and positively in the public consciousness.


Glasswing Public Affairs offers the following services to maximize the effectiveness of your communications:

  • Strategic Comms Planning

  • Communications Infrastructure Assessment

  • Audience Analysis

  • Communication Coaching

  • KPIs and Sustainability 

For more information, contact Glasswing Public Affairs today!

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