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Community Mental Health Funding

Your Community Mental Health Authority depends on a combination of Federal, State, and grant money. Wouldn't it be beneficial to your programs, your clients, and your community to have more flexible money to tailor to the needs you see every day?

Glasswing Public Affairs has the experience in launching a successful campaign for voter-supported public & mental health millage ballot initiatives.

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Digital Mind

Digital Web & Socials

Nothing happens without a digital presence anymore. Voters are tuned in, and Glasswing can deliver the messages you need them to hear. 

Go Vote Flyers

Voter Targeting

Glasswing can gauge voter interest and can target likely voters. With 2018 changes to MI election law, Glasswing can guide you through the absentee voter chase six weeks before every election.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Billboards, Radio, Print Ads

Zero in on the campaign 'brand'  that will bring election success. We design all print needs from billboards to mailers; all radio ads from writing to production and media buying.

Image by Ray Reyes

Campaign Budgeting

How much does a millage proposal cost to bring before voters? Depending on your media market, your population, and your individual needs, your budget is tailored specifically to you.

American election mail envelope with pen

Ballot Language

Glasswing has the experience writing ballot language that is clear, complete, and ready for approvals. Let us help you decide how much to ask for, what to name your campaign, and the types of public health services that communities are offering with these unrestricted funds.

Politician with Supporters

Champions & Community

No one passes a ballot initiative in a vacuum. Let Glasswing identify those community, industry, and elected champions who are best positioned to support your ballot proposal. Then we'll court their support through comprehensive presentations and transparent networking. See a sample presentation.

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