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Beth Bowen, Content Director

Take Flight
with us

At Glasswing Public Affairs, we leverage transparency, adaptation, and infinite cycles of transformation to speak our clients' purpose.


Butterflies are deceptively fragile, especially glasswings with their scale-free, transparent wings. But the ability to lift 40 times their own body weight, fly during rainstorms, and adapt to any type of surrounding isn't for the faint of heart.

Our Clients

Our Services

Our Services

You know why you are in business. You know your purpose. Now, let's tell the world.

Strategic Messaging

If your message isn't getting through or isn't getting through to the right audiences, we can help.

Public Relations

Relating to the public is more than just press releases. It's about framing the issue for relevancy and accessibility.

Crisis Comms & Brand Recovery

Your brand is your calling card to the world. Let's help it open more windows after a door has closed.


Campaigning is all about connecting with the voters. Through targeting messaging, mailings, digital, and engagement strategies, we can win.

Fierce Advocacy

We believe in what we do. We believe in what our clients do. That's why we are in business--to ensure others believe too.

Culture Shaping

Does your organization struggle to retain talent? A deep dive into the cultural forces that shape your workplace can unearth new opportunities for growth.


Quality of work is outstanding, professional service delivery with excellent results.

Rep. Amos O'Neal

94th MI State House

Saginaw, MI


Ready to get started?

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