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Crisis Comms & Brand

Crisis Communications

Communication during a crisis should never be a thrown-together, middle-of-the-night venture fed by emotions.

You cannot plan a crisis, but you can plan your response.

And expecting every kind or organization and every leader to be an expert at crisis communication, without coaching and planning, is planning for an even bigger disaster.

Service Package

Glasswing Public Affairs offers the following services tailored to each individual client's organization:

  • Disaster recovery planning

  • Crisis response management

  • Spokesperson coaching

Brand Recovery

Your brand is your face to the world. What happens when that face is given a black eye?

Accidents happen. Mistakes are made. Revelations are brought to light. These things are going to come up from time-to-time. And it's important to respond to the damage they can do to your brand in a timely and constructive way.

Glasswing Public Affairs can help rehabilitate your brand.


  • Crisis Communication

  • Ending the Damage; Starting the Healing

  • Rebuilding and future-proofing with an infinite cycle mindset

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