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Period Equity


A WIN for Michigan Women

On November 4 & 5 2022, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed bills into law repealing the sales and use tax on essential menstrual products, putting money back into the pockets of over two million menstruating Michiganders.

Beth Bowen, Grassroots Messaging and Advocacy Manager, was on-hand at the Nov 4 bill signing at the Greater Lansing Food Bank's new distribution facility in Bath, MI.

The Governor spoke about introducing bills to abolish the tampon tax herself as a State Representative over a decade ago. Other legislators, current and past, were in attendance: Rep. Padma Kuppa, Rep. Julie Brixie, Senator Winnie Brinks (sponsor), Senator Mallory McMorrow, former Rep. Sarah Roberts, and Rep. Bryan Posthumous (sponsor).

"Being a part of something that improves the lives of millions of people is overwhelming and humbling. I'm not done working for Michigan."

-Beth Bowen, Advocate

Featured on Michigan Radio: StateSide

Laura Strausfeld, Executive Director of Period Equity, speaks about the effort to abolish sales and use tax on menstrual products in MI. She also mentions Beth's involvement. Excerpt below.

Stateside:Nov5_2021April Baer, Host
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Our Work

2021 MIPAD Legislative Day

Youth activists met in Lansing, MI, to lobby as citizens with their State Senators on behalf of SB 153 and SB 154, at the time residing in the Finance Committee.

In addition to this targeted lobby day, activists were rallied to write testimony to the House and Senate committees as constituents in support of the bills.

2021 MI Period Action Day Rally

Activists representing young women, people who menstruate, men with uteruses, Black women, immigrants, and women living below the poverty line gathered to celebrate coming together around a shared vision of equity in menstrual hygiene products, availability and cost.

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